About Us

QuickArt is owned and directed by Lugan Quickfall. Lugan has 8 years’ experience in the creative arts industry. He was a top ten finalist in the annual YouthStartCT 2018 entrepreneurial challenge hosted by the city of Cape Town. He won a R150 000 prize to start-up and develop this company. He is currently in an entrepreneur rapid incubator programme at False Bay College. He also receives SMME support from SEDA.

Over the past 8 years QuickArt have serviced over 90 schools. (Testimonials).

Our team consists of 8 full time employees, (Artists, artisans, and designers) and a very experienced team of consultants that includes a project manager and an educator with 25 years’ experience.

QuickArt has close ties with various educational institutions. This input allows us to stay abreast of developments in the WCED and to keep our product relevant and up-to-date.

QuickArt has completed projects all over the Western Cape. Distance is no obstacle. Our clients in Ladysmith and Vredenburg were delighted with our services.

At QuickArt we pride ourselves on professional, friendly and dynamic service. We are enthusiastic and have a great team spirit. Service is king.

With our team of skilled designers, artists and experienced teachers, we can create visually stimulating murals and art work that adds real learning value to your institution. The walls, floors, ceilings, and even the widows, can become valuable teaching and learning real estate. We can transform your institutions learning landscape. Blank walls/floors/ceilings of a school or educational facility are a valuable resource. We can assist you in utilising this resource to its full potential, reaching our goal in assisting you to improved student marks and pass rates.



At QuickArt our mission is to assist our educational facilities by providing learners aids that is fun, playful and educational. Creating a unique and personalized learning atmosphere and at the same time improving the marks of our learners. We ensure delivering the best services and quality possible.