QuickArt provides various Products and Services. We have a systematic approach to our work as outlined in Process on this page.


Through our products, we tackle issues such as:
		•	Saving water, 
		•	Stop bullying, 
		•	Drug awareness and 
		•	Educational struggles head on 
			by using visual graphics. 
We design draw and paint 2D & 3D educational images. These works of art can be done directly on walls, floors, ceilings, boards or canvas.

More About Us

Our work will not only beautify your institution, but will enhance and augment the learning culture and ambiance of the premises. Subconscious learning is fostered among learners while walking or playing on school grounds. The visual aids in their play environment also stimulate their memory with prompts of work taught in class all around them. It is a natural source of learning in the absence of a teacher. While teachers teach in class, learning will occur outside the classroom.

At Quickart we are committed to providing learners with vibrant educational artwork to stimulate and encourage learning.
Our Products include:

Awareness Signs (see more)Badges, Logos, Slogans (see more)Canvas paintings (see more)General Paint Work (see more)Hopscotches (see more)Mission / Vision Statements (see more)Murals (see more)
			o	Baby Room
			o	Computer Laboratory
			o	Linguistic
			o	Mathematical
			o	Staircase
			o	Toilet
		•	Party Décor (see more)Values (see more)WCED Mantra (see more)

This list is not conclusive. Your imagination is our guide. We bring YOUR ideas to life.


1. Free consultation and quotations

We provide a portfolio of previous work to act as a guide and starting point in our consultations. We interact with relevant staff and stakeholders of your institution when providing a tailor made solution. Our solutions are specifically geared to meet both project requirements and budgets. Guarantees are dependent on environmental condition and will be discussed and finalised as part of the consultation process.

2. Maintenance and Touch-up Services

We provide the above services. It is not always necessary to redo murals etc. It can often be touched up and/or repaired. Where our own work is concerned, this can normally be achieved for a minimal cost. If it is work from another vendor, we will inspect and advise accordingly. The most economically viable, yet practicable solution will be decided on and actioned.


		•	All work surfaces are inspected prior to commencement of any work.
		•	Before any paint work starts, working surfaces are thoroughly cleaned of all 
			contaminants. These include mould, dirt, wax, grease.
		•	If a surface proves to be unsuitable, remedial action will first be discussed 
			with the client, and then implemented.
		•	Once the surface is satisfactory, work can commence.
		•	The surface is primed and allowed to dry.
		•	Painting of the relevant content commences once the primer is dry.
		•	On completion of the paint work, after an appropriate drying period, the painted 
			surfaced are covered with a glaze coat to ensure longevity.
		•	Our acrylic paints are of the highest quality. We only use tough, durable paints 
			suitable for outdoors use. The glaze coat is added for extra protection and shine.

No prices are provided on this page as each project we tackle is unique. Working surfaces, individual requirements and the physical environment (e.g. accessibility, work space, health and safety) all impact on cost. For any queries please feel free to contact us here or alternatively check our contact details here. No job is too big or too small.